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3 Aug 2017

The Motion Gaming Battle: Sony Move Vs. Xbox Kinect


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Posted By Max O.

If you think regular gaming is fun, then you’ll definitely enjoy motion gaming. In case you didn’t know what motion gaming is, it is gaming that involves movement beyond just using a joystick with your fingers. This means sometimes you move your whole body, and this makes gaming a whole lot more interactive. While the Nintendo Wii was the original console that incorporated motion gaming, but now two new contenders are in town: the Xbox Kinect and the Sony Move. The Difference Between the Xbox Kinect and the Sony Move The Xbox Kinect employs a full camera-based motion sensor to detect the player’s movements, and usually Kinect-based games involve a whole lot more movement because of this. The Sony Move, on the other hand, uses a type of motion controller, similar to the Wii remote. This controller is detected by a camera, so this gadget is what the player uses to deliver movement to play the game. Therefore, the games that use Sony Move technology need less space overall, as the controller is the only item that needs to be moved. Which is Better? When it comes down to these two, it depends on your preference. The Xbox Kinect is a great choice if you have a spacious living room, like games that really get you moving, and if you don’t want to use a controller. However, if you stay in a really small apartment and don’t have the space to play games that require lots of movement, then the Xbox Kinect is not for you. Not only that, but because the Kinect is controller-free, that means the lighting, ambience, noise, and everything else in your play area has to be optimum for the motion sensor to work correctly, which may be troublesome to set up for some. As for the Sony Move, it is a wonderful choice if you have limited playing room, prefer using a controller when gaming, and love the excellent console that is the Playstation 3. The Sony Move is controller-dependent, which means it doesn’t matter how the environment of the room you play in is. This means less trouble setting the system up for motion gaming. As you can see, both are strong contenders to be the best console, and it is in the end up to the gamer to decide on which one suits his or her needs best. If you get the chance, try both out and see which one you are more comfortable with.


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