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15 Jul 2017

Top Consoles for The Serious Gamer


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Posted By Betsy P.

Kids and teenagers are not the only ones who enjoy playing video games; more and more adults are getting sucked into the virtual world of online and offline interactive game play. Here you can find out what's the best games console for serious gamers. PS3 The PS3 was built for serious gamers. The graphics are excellent and even the console itself just looks sleek and sharp. You can buy the motion sensor wands and also enjoy interactive play, similar to the Xbox 360 Kinect and the Wii or Wii U. In addition to being an awesome game console, the Wi-Fi internet connection allows you to download shows, games and even stream videos through Netflix. You can also store your movies and music directly onto your PS3. The console also has USB ports and an HDMI cable output in order to be able to watch your movies or games in high definition. The ability to play Blu-Ray DVD is also an added bonus. There is the standard black console that just comes with the cables and a controller, or you can also purchase special edition consoles (like Assassin’s Creed) that also come with the mentioned game. There are two memory choices for the standard console as well, 160GB, starting at $250 and 320GB which costs around $300. Xbox 360 The Xbox 360 is another nice option. It is great for playing online, watching regular DVDs and streaming videos through Netflix as well. The Kinect allows for motion sensor game play and is a cheaper alternative to the PS3. Nintendo Wii and Wii U The Nintendo Wii and Wii U might be good choices for a serious gamer that has a personal preference towards Nintendo products. It is not the fastest game on the market or the most high tech, but most Nintendo fans do enjoy it. You cannot play DVDs, which is a little bit of a disappointment, but you can stream movies from Netflix. Most people have already played the traditional Wii and it is quite enjoyable, especially games that also incorporate the Wii Balance Board. The Wii U has taken things to the next level with the new touchscreen controller tablet, which may make this console even more important to serious gamers. Time will tell how many great games are released for this new tablet, however.


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