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12 Jul 2017

The Best Family Friendly Game Consoles


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Posted By Lillian M.

If you belong to one of the few families that does not already own a video game console, the amount of options, specs and opinions can be overwhelming. The age of your children can also play a big factor on which game system is right for you. Here you can learn what's the best games console for families and kids. These are our two suggestions. Nintendo Wii (and Not the Wii U) The Nintendo Wii has already been out a few years but is still a family favorite. The controls are simple and easy for children to hold and many games can be used with the Wii Balance Board for added fun. The problem with the new Wii U tablet, or controller, is that it has a lot of lag time and may be too big or too complicated for many children to manage. In addition to the motion sensor games, Skylanders is the perfect family game. It comes with a magic portal that syncs with the will and toy like figures that connect with the portal and become the characters that you play on screen. Not only is the game itself family friendly, but the figurines are pretty cool too. Xbox 360 with Kinect The Xbox 360 with or without the connect is great for families with children of all ages. Adults and older kids can enjoy online games, connecting with other players and of course more skill based games like Dance, Dance Revolution. Since children do not have to hold controllers or wands in order to be able to interact with the Kinect, it makes it even easier for them to play and enjoy time with older siblings and family. Both the Xbox 360 and the Wii can connect to Netflix, but the Xbox 360 can also play DVDs, which is an extra bonus the Wii does not offer. Why Not the PS3? The PS3 does have excellent graphics and a wide variety of games. It also has motion sensors but instead of having a sensor bar built in like Xbox Kinect, you have to hold wands similar to the Nintendo Wii and WiiU and many of the games are geared towards an older audience. If you have older children or very skilled game players, the PS3 might be a possible alternative. The most important thing to remember is that it isn't the games or game consoles that you play, but the time you spend with your family while doing it.


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